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We are disrupting the eSports betting market in the US with the Ultimate Tournament eSportsbook™️, the premiere turnkey eSports betting platform in the United States. eSportsbook™️ is a white label eSports betting platform that enables play-by-play betting on 22 of the most popular eSports and over 5000 matches every month. Our parimutuel pools offer a wide range of betting options to reduce risk on the house, and provide players with the most betting options of any platform.

Ultimate Tournament also provides advanced odds data covering more than 3,000 matches sourced from 40,000 markets and 100,000 selections per month. This gives users greater insight into the teams and players they are wagering on, and enables them to place bets with confidence.


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Ultimate Tournament is ready to go when you need it. The turnkey white label solution can be rapidly branded and deployed in the jurisdiction that you operate in so that customers can immediately login and begin placing bets. Ultimate Tournament is fully managed from the cloud, know your customer, and payment processing. With Ultimate Tournament, you can go from having nothing covering eSports to total custom coverage.

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eSports is a fast growing industry with a 257% CAGR over the last 5 years alone. Betting options in the US are extremely limited, so users have to take risks and use services over seas, requiring cryptocurrencies and little to no consumer protection.

With Ultimate Tournament's eSportsbook™ there is no knowledge of eSports required from the operator, no complex know-your-customer process needs to be stood up, and customer support is handled for you. All you need is a gambling license and a passion for the quickly growing industry of eSports betting.

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Bridging the Gap

eSports are a relatively new market. We understand that existing players may be hesitant to adopt a new avenue of betting, so we have tailored our interface to be simple, clear, and efficient. All betting pools are clearly explained and well laid out so that people new to eSports will quickly understand what they are watching and betting on. A watchable live stream is available for all matches covered by Ultimate Tournament.

To connect gamers to wagering, we have implemented an experience and leveling system to make the wagering process more immersive and involved than ever before. Users will be able to create accounts, customize their profile, chat with other players, and level up how they interact with the site. We aim to connect and create a community that rallies around their favorite teams and places bets to maximize the action.